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I’m definitely going to follow you here. My current work situation allows me to work remotely and I want to really take advantage of that. Puerto Vallarta has come a long way since then, as it is now one of the most sophisticated resorts in Mexico, meaning it is popular with visitors and expats alike. She finds almost all topics she writes about interesting, but her favorite subjects are entertainment, travel, health, food, celebrities, and pets. It is a quiet and relaxed place to live that is located along the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. I, unlike you, I am a retired, I’m 57 and I still live in Italy. 3. climate Located in the Quintana Roo region, Cancun is known for its beaches and amazing weather. Here are the 20 best places to live in Mexico. :). Although it is only a small town, Huatulco has an international airport and a four-lane highway, so getting around is easy. I know that local real estate agents have a few more roles in the community, in that they also negotiate rentals and such. In Mexico, there’s much diversity from one town to the next, so select a town where you feel comfortable. International Citizens says that this is a sleepy surf town with a slow-pace of life. The largest concentration of expats from Canada and the United States are located in the communities around Lake Chapala, which is the largest lake in Mexico. It is a bustling metropolis with a large population that is best suited to those who are accustomed to urban living. I am far from an authority on this topic, but the Yucatan in general is among the more progressive areas of Mexico and I cannot envision you facing major challenges. Above Hostal San Pancho is an affordable, very nice guesthouse called Refugio de Sol—this is absolutely your best bet for private accommodation that’s still budget to mid-range prices. I have learned some things that are very helpful. One of the high points of Mexico, a clear advantage over living in Asia, is the visa situation. For an idea of costs, I recommend that you look up rents for apartments or houses using a site like Zillow ( taxes etc. But, I always mention this to travelers when I run across good content, check out Some of the beaches have very quiet, smooth water (Playa Entrega) in more protective portions of the bay. My costs are moderate and honest. Then there will also be quirky situations and opportunities that are harder to find but certainly exist. Tulum is one option. The city was founded around 500 years ago and sits at an altitude of 6,200 feet. we go to Oxxo which is like a 711. I was wondering specifically about the cities and towns you lived in. I know that some gay travelers have spent time there, like Dani from Globetrotter Girls, and it might be good to seek out their thoughts on it. Is cost of living comparable to PV? For that reason, I recommend that you look to the Yucatan — it has some incredible beaches, and jungles in the center with Mayan ruins… truly an abundance of opportunity and I love the region so much that I took my nephews there on a three-week road-trip (I wrote up a guide to what we did here and a photo journey of it here). – For Thailand, you would need to prove a certain retirement income (you can look this up), and then it’s mostly a cinch to get the residency/retirement visa. Or do you just bank of the Part A? For me, the people are the most amazing experience. I live in the Southeast and i love warm weather but if you have ever been to the south i winter there isn’t much sun and it can get pretty cold. Interesting question, and not one where I will have a lot of firm ideas here as it’s a bit outside of my wheelhouse. And in any of them, there are now also plenty of options on Airbnb. Good questions. Patek Philippe Vs. Rolex: Who’s the Winner? Family of four estimated monthly costs: $2,198 (Mex$ 44,145) Single person estimated monthly costs: $1,063 (Mex$ 21,342) Cost of living in Mexico is cheaper than in 67% of countries in Latin America (10 out of 15) Cost of living in Mexico is cheaper than in 78% of countries in the World (58 out of 74) If you are interested in smaller towns, you could rent a car and do a road trip of the Yucatan to find one that feels right for what you want. An interesting fact about this location is that it has one of the best water treatment facilities in Mexico. I could deal with local travel agency as well. Sayulita is a perfectly lovely small town (much bigger than mine though) and it was merely 20 minutes up the road. Does any one tell me about staying in new mexico state in view of following points? I have many illnesses and I do not have the driving license. 1. Is Mexico different? But when I moved to Oaxaca, vendors and life all take place in Spanish, so it’s best to learn it. It's not the cheapest retirement place in Mexico, but the cost of living is still less than in many U.S. cities. – They are both very popular expat spots. Shannon, love your writings. – Thailand is safer than Mexico, in general. Sayulita might be a much better fit—it will have its own happenings, and it’s still a chill town but it’s 20 minutes closer to Puerto Vallarta where you could surely go if you craved a bit more activity occasionally! This city has a wonderful climate and it is a safe place to live. house rent, food, transportation and entertainment) as compared to other states in USA. We have internet, telephone etc. Thanks for this. It was really a wonderful experience and I know I would have equally enjoyed that route solo. Anyway i was writing to ask your opinion. What part do you live in? I love Mexico, for those haters in the US, they have no idea that unlike the people in the US, they are not profit driven in everything they do. First off, Mexico is a big country. Our Cost of Living Guides share extensive resources or all the major expat spots around the world. Thank you Shannon, I am really loving your blog posts! With average Spanish, you will have no problem finding something in just a few days, especially if it’s low season (get there before November). Puerto Morelos is another option. I lived in Chapala, Jalisco for 2 years and my wife and I are looking at moving back this winter. Hawaii has become so crowded can’t even breathe anymore. By Kathleen Peddicord, Contributor April 30, 2019. I am a 55 years old woman, I speak french and english. This distance was surely there and very present in every expat spot in Thailand. From the few things I just read about it, it hits on all the things I love in an expat spot — small and walkable downtown, opportunities to engage with and volunteer in the local community, and good local food! Cost of living in Guadalajara is about the same as in Mexico City. Cost of living in Mexico City is 38% cheaper than in Quebec City. I now live in Puerto Vallarta. The average annual wage in Oaxaca, for example, is around $10,500—that’s an average and many Mexicans live on less than that sum (particularly indigenous and rural populations). Its one i simply cannot find a concrete answer to. Have traveled abroad. living full time in PV, so you are at 3,500/mo. Thank you. We eat out when we go shopping about once per week. I’m sure prices have increased since then, but I think it should be quite doable. This is ideal for those who want to live in an established expat community while still enjoying the Mexican culture and lifestyle. Airport to SP: Cheapest is the bus, by far. This is an amazing beach for swimming but you have to take a boat to get there. I have lived and worked from around the world for more than a decade. Add to that some game nights at Victoria and Steve’s for Jungle Speed (had never heard of this game but it was fun and hilarious to play in a group), beach bonfires, and conversation … I felt like Goldilocks—San Pancho was just right. It was once part of an important trade route, but it is now home to one of the biggest communities of foreigners in the country. :), Very true about the water — sometimes it’s really nice to know you can go to your tap and fill up without worry! Veg is transported in open air trucks, it’s stacked in fields with animal poo, fertilizers, etc. We also have ceiling fans. In response to numerous emails asking about the differences between the handful of towns north of Puerto Vallarta, here’s Cliff’s Notes summary of the differences in case you’re sussing out which is better for you. Best Places . If you haven’t rated your lifestyle yet, you can do so by using our Lifestyle chart and the related forms found on the Lifestyle menu. This is important to understand, because many of the most popular expat spots are about that far removed from the extreme cartel violence you might read about. Expat Exchange: 5 Best Places to Live in Riviera Maya, Mexico Riviera Maya is a gorgeous stretch of Caribbean coastline in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. I ate out at least one meal a day, went to the local movie theater and rented DVDs every weekend, and generally had a relaxing, quiet lifestyle. Although there are some bars that get hopping during the high season, it’s not a late hours place and it will be fairly dead in shoulder and off season. Do you have any idea where I can go or refer me to interesting blog or websites ? It’s a cinch to get the lay of the land once you arrive. You could start out living in an expat hub like San Miguel de Allende, where there is a massive community of retirees and expats, you could even take language lessons (they have a lot of options), and then use that to get familiarized and attuned to Mexico, then look at some of the smaller towns. Im really intrigued by maybe moving there now. Budget, however, is the driving impetus for a lot of expats moving to Mexico. This is about 1200 per month. Or is it included in your rent? Thanks. Travelers who want to stay long-term can rent an apartment for as low as $400 per month. My income is fixed and I am at the upper level of poverty. My wife and I are planning on becoming snow birds next winter. As a U.S. citizen, I receive a six month visa on arrival automatically, and this can be reset simply by crossing a border and coming back … indefinitely. My reasoning behind this is I look at Sayulita kind of being out of the way. We have considered the Yucatán as a possible next stop. 1300 per month. Less heavy with expats than any other surrounding town. Maybe if i needed to get a job i could get one from one of the American companies moving down there. Being so close to the U.S. is really a big benefit, especially on the healthcare front. Thank you for that. Why do people use it? I wasn’t there this past summer due to the virus, but I’ve been there every summer for years. International Living says that one of the top places to live in Mexico is Ensenada. Any idea how the schooling would work? This is the food heart of Mexico, there are many indigenous cultures in and around the city, and the only real drawback is the political nature of the city—there are a lot of strikes and protests from the teachers unions and other groups. No defined personality. Alamos is colonial and has lot of events, the music festival being the largest. It’s located below most of the United States, so imagine driving from Texas to Seattle and you have an idea of what it might take to get to another area of Mexico. – Mexico often gets a slight vote in favor because of the closer language and cultural similarities. If I could meet expats on my way it would be great ! For classic white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, it’s hard to beat Mexico’s Riviera Maya. When I lived in San Pancho, which is just north of Puerto Vallarta, there was a Polo Club in the town with active polo matches and such. It is a safe place to live that offers a good standard of living. Best of luck! Now, when I say that I have a low-budget for alcohol and partying you can adjust it accordingly for yourself. Hermosillo. Thank you for sharing Tom! The cost of living in Mexico City is at the higher end of the scale, but it is far from the most expensive place to live in Mexico. You’d be surprised that there are people that can pay $100 for a two-bedroom flat here. Towns like Ajijic are nearly entirely Western retirees. Once, Cancun was little more than a fishing village. 1. For your little ones, I would recommend that you use the disinfectant at least for the first few months and watch your consumption of tap water. I was wandering if you think there may be opptys for americans to live there & get into a little business or sell real estate & if so where do you suggest would be the ideal spot? Travel. I am disable/retired vet(53), however, functional. Rent…18000 Thanks! I lived in Huatulco on the coast of Oaxaca from 2004 to 2007. A single person is hard-pressed to spend more than $1,000 here on a modest budget. As I love lush nature and palm trees on the beach and not mass tourism, would you advise me, a village or a place where I can get close to you? This attractive port city can offer an amazing lifestyle as residents can enjoy shopping, dining out, theater, ballet, and lively nightlife. I have traveled extensively throughout Mexico and find it a wonderful country – the more one learns the more fun one has, for certain!!! Mazatlán is one of the country’s oldest international resort towns and is arguably Mexico’s most affordable beach resort town. Yucatan: Hugely popular with expats (and spring breakers), a bit pricier than the west coast, gorgeous beaches and diving. I stumbled upon your page while trying to research a few ways to get started & your page was very helpful but, I have a few questions unanswered. This list is shit.” This isn’t the point, the point of this post is to show you the cheapest countries to live in, how much you need to literally have shelter, get around, eat, and maybe have a … In the winter it can be hard to get around in a wheelchair if it snows. Your first solo trip is a biggie, and I understand your hesitation to dive in when there are so many sites and so much information. The thing is, when they set things on sidewalks, there is no telling what else is there. However, it is a wonderful place for those who want to experience true Mexican culture in beautiful surroundings, and it offers a high standard of living. Queretaro has a lot to offer to expats, and it ranks particularly high in terms of cost of living, employment opportunities, transportation, and leisure activities. I had Thai friends, and some of them good friends, but there’s a insular nature to the community that is under the surface that I found insurmountable in many ways. Look forward to reading more of your posts. Shannon, do you have any knowledge surrounding keeping horses in Mexico (either in the areas you experienced or otherwise?) My landlords have always asked me to be very conscious of it, so I believe that the price can be very dear. Mexico is a beautiful and diverse country with an interesting culture and rich history. During high season it can be hard to find really affordable rentals anywhere, but if you time it right (at the beginning of the expat season, which is Sept/Oct) then you can surely find affordable places that you can negotiate for a good price since you’d be renting long-term. Having spent more than a year in both countries, the both have different pros. I’ll have to go check it out. I pay 600/mo. According to rankings done by the ACCRA (American Chamber of Commerce Research) in 2001, the city of Chilliwack has one of the lowest cost of living indexes in British Columbia. We would absolutely have to have it! These guides include thorough breakdowns of the culture, quality of life, vibe, and—importantly—budget breakdowns so you can better plan which spot in the world best meets your needs. Located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, Mazatlan is a resort town that is located along the Pacific coast. who left her home to travel solo around the world. One, sometimes two, coffee shops. As a night owl, one thing that is important to me is a bar within walking distance of my rental to just sit and chill out, maybe chat with locals or fellow expats (I am taking Spanish lessons) especially late in the evening. We have heard good things about Pachuca, north of Mexico City, with a low cost of living and a vibrant culture. The plane flights are affordable, I speak the language, and I enjoy the culture. Once you are in town, you can rent a bicycle for the day or walk around town and you will see many signs for rent. The sterile water just won’t kill the range of bacteria that could be present. In the 1950s, it began to grow in popularity as a beach resort but was mostly visited by Mexicans as it wasn’t on the radar of international visitors. That’s a good question, should you choose to live inThailand or Mexico? I have a 3 year old and 1 year old, so i am worried about their health and want to make sure i take the right precautions. Although it wasn’t as cheap, I have continued to make Mexico a regular stop on my travels in the years since I lived in San Pancho and Oaxaca. Cities like Oaxaca offer more immersion and intercultural experiences. This post is updated annually with new information. I would ask around in the expat groups for people to share their specific costs. So, when you’re ready to return, there is surely going to be an affordable quiet life still there and waiting. When it comes to Mexico, I’m definitely on board with Costa Rica being more expensive…but you *can* drink the water which is nice. That’s the sort of place where you could perhaps find work. There are many historically significant landmarks in this location, and it is a great place to live for those who are interested in history, art, culture, and architecture. Very touristy region in general but convenient and safe. Resting in the Sierra Madre Mountains is Durango City. I haven’t ever looked into that area that you’re in, but I will! How much money would be required per month for family (per three members)? Everything You Need to Know About Roatan Honduras Read More . Where ever you book for accommodation will also be able to arrange a taxi pick-up (sometimes for less than the going rate if you hail one) if you reach out beforehand. I’d estimate small town living at $1,000/mo. For those considering moving overseas without the chance for a retirement visa, the visa policy in Mexico is a big boon. It’s close to the U.S., the food is both terrific and familiar, and it’s fairly easy to make the move. I was there for vacation the past couple weeks…check out Yucatan Beach Friends on Facebook.. I haven’t been in SP in a while, but in 2013/2014 the summer rains would occaisionally even take out the power in San Pancho, but not nearby Sayulita. The options are so broad for seaside living that you can actually specify a price point, a convenience factor, and a lifestyle, and still have plenty of options. Huatulco has several beautiful bays and is a very pleasant resort that’s never overcrowded. 4. Skip to main content ... Livability explores what makes small-to-medium sized cities great places to live. I live in Alamos Sonora and my budget is lower since I bought my home with 1/2 acre for 38,000. I’ve heard it is pro rated mad at some point jumps way high. It has an excellent Internet connection, which is ideal for those who plan to work in the city and for people who want to stay connected to friends and family. I know that if you are bringing your own horses to Mexico then you will face a barrage of paperwork and vaccines before they can enter — it would likely cost a bit of money and be a headache, but would be fully doable. Some of these places can be economical, but they are very primitive places to live. I know your not an expert on disability issues but id figured id ask you anyway about the accessibilty of Mexico and the places you lived while there. Mexico cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics as a place to work remotely for digital nomads. Cheers, ~S. Hmm, that is an interesting question. Have been to Mazatlan to surf a few times , 10 years ago , but now looking for the idyllic small beach town. These are the 10 cheapest countries to live in worldwide: Some of the best places for US expats to live in Mexico - … I’ve been working north of the border since 2007, but my goal is to retire are age 55 and go live in Mexico on my pension. (It is called San Francisco on the map, but locals call it San Pancho: ) And near San Pancho is a town called Sayulita, which is a little big bigger and has a few more amenities (it’s only 20 minutes from San Pancho and you could use a taxi to easily get between the two towns). HI, 2. xxx, Your blog is very helpful. (When renting a hotel with AC, it’s usually a tad less than double the nightly rate without it). For those who prefer a quieter and more relaxed living environment, one of the best locations to consider is Sayulita in Nayarit. I have visited there a few times, and I love it, despite some of the negative parts of the city, and state of Guerrero. The 10 Finest Hotel Residences in The World, The 20 Most Expensive Homes in the United States, 10 Prisons That Rival The Accommodations of …, Where $100 million in Vacation Rental Startups …, Chinese Real Estate Investors Take Foothold In …, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Patrick Spence, The History and Story Behind the Sherwin Williams Logo, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Joseph Bayern, The History of and Story Behind the Peloton Logo, The Five Best Types of Short Term Debt Instruments, Six Reasons to Visit Southern California’s Circle Bar B Guest Ranch & Stables, A Traveler’s Guide to the Best Beaches Near Taipei, The Five Best Coolants to Use on Your BMW, How to Find the Best Lease Deals for a BMW. If you want to avoid the well-known tourist locations and live in one of Mexico’s hidden gems, then Campeche is an excellent place to consider. I would suggest asking this question in the Facebook and forums I mentioned in the post — these expats will be an invaluable source of help in finding a new spot with those qualities. 8 Best, Cheapest Animal to Raise for Meat and Self Sufficiency 13 Cheapest Countries to Live in Europe in 2018 5 Most Popular Best Selling Bible Translations in … If you are looking for the other coast, the Gulf and the Caribbean, then the Yucatan Peninsula is a good choice. Lots of restaurants, shops, a language school, etc. [Read: 8 Reasons Mexico is America's Favorite Place to Retire Abroad.] I suggest that you also join some of the Mexico expat forums and ask around. That is it. Oaxaca: I lived here for six months and found it is one of the most affordable expat cities in Mexico. San Pancho does not have that gradual shallow part and has strong waves and undercurrents—you would want to be a strong swimmer in SP if you planned to be in the water regularly. I had a friend who luckily was able to pick me up my first day, but after that I frequently made the trek into Puerta Vallarta via bus. Hi Shannon, Despite having all the shops, restaurants and amenities of a large city, Cancun has maintained the small-town vibe. There is a growing expat community thanks to the modern condo developments in the area, and the population is gradually growing. That’s a great video. San Miguel de Allende is popular amongst retirees who want to enjoy the rich history and the relaxed vibe of this city.

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