how to catch snapper off the rocks

When it comes to shore fishing, the red snapper is not a very common catch. And why not? The snapper really is a great fish – New Zealand’s most loved – so small wonder nearly all serious anglers have a snapper fixation at some stage in their lives, and some never lose it. Palliser Bay in the Wairarapa is a classic example: every snapper I know of caught there has been taken during daylight hours, never after dark. And that will catch a ton of mangrove snapper… But, unfortunately, it will also catch a lot of undersize snapper and pinfish. During summertime, a number o... more >, Kirk Davis shares some tips on where to find fish on the jet ski in summer.... more >, John Walkley is an experienced saltwater and freshwater fisherman who has fished extensively in both NZ and Australia. We do get the occasional larger red from these shallow water settings, and from tight water they’re great fun to catch. Daiwa SLX50/Sl50SH) and one spooled with 24kg (e.g. October 2, 2020 / Uncategorized. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ In the lower North Island, water temperatures are cooler in general, and it is not until they warm up (normally early in the new year) that snapper can be caught reliably. }); This works for yellowtail kingfish as well. Snapper fishing off the rocks has been excellent as well. The changing seasons keep us on our toes and often challenge us to find new tricks to secure a feed. With this in mind, it is generally better to wait for that second run before striking at the fish. A large proportion of budding snapper fishermen begin their ‘careers’ fishing off the rocks — and a good number of them carry on doing so for the rest of their lives! Both are laterally compressed fish, naturally wary, have a preference for feeding on or near the bottom, and tend to enter the shallows during low-light periods. $("#major4").html(" " + data[1].major2); dataType: "json", AS A STARTING POINT, I would still suggest fishing the low-light periods, but keep a record of when the snapper bite for particular areas. However, before racing away, it pays to ensure you have the accessories necessary for a safe and successful trip. }); In fact, a snapper themed option was put forward for the new national flag! Despite snapper numbers being only a shadow of what they were a few years ago, they are still one of our most available and prolific fish species, and are a lot of fun to catch. var date=(daym+"-"+montharray[month]+"-"+year); $("#minor3").html(" " + data[1].minor1); For the past two decades May has always heralded the start of the snapper season off the rocks for me. Anthony will be resuming his reports next month. how to catch snapper off the beach. Distance casting meaning casting out sinker weights from 3 to 5 oz maximum, and getting you're baits out a long way. Remember, they don’t get to be big and old by being stupid. They are not massive fish around the FAD but there have been plenty of them. However, lion’s share of dollies have been caught around the FAD. However, my choice would be to fish the rock bars at the entrance of the river, as that is where most of the bream are held up. Snapper are a highly adaptable species that will eat just about anything. Visit BCF.COM.AU Check out this quick guide on how to best catch a Snapper fish. When most people target mangrove snapper, they use shrimp. When you get a boil, don’t stop. It doesn’t take much to spook them so on your initial approach and at least for the first few cast stay low to the water, especially if it is a clear day. I’ve seen some brilliant sights on the rocks, such as big snapper appearing in the berley trail just below the surface, snaffling any bait put in front of them, and even chewing on a berley bag deployed on the surface! Most people have been heading south to Narooma as the king fishing has seemed to kick off in recent weeks. var timezone = jstz.determine(); Gear . This very effective technique has accounted for many big snapper off the rocks over the years. Many budding snapper fishermen begin their ‘careers’ fishing from the rocks – and then continue to do so for the rest of their lives!

// The type of request. data : dataString, You’ll sometimes be surprised by the patterns that emerge. Snapper fishing off the rocks has been excellent as well. 1) In Brendon’s words, ‘you are not likely going to catch a 30lb snapper under the Auckland Harbour Bridge’. The first is a 15-24kg rod approximately 2-2.4 metres long with guides designed for an overhead reel, paired with two suitable reels – one spooled with 15kg line (e.g. how to catch snapper off the rocks In my experience, snapper of this size, when present in numbers, favour locations with sandy bottoms. For the following four or five months, the calendar will be scribed with many cryptic notations revolving around tides, moons and past successes. Dave Hammond’s first marlin, a 99kg stripe. Break out the sea gars: catching garfish for food and bait, A Beginner’s Guide to Northern Moreton Bay Pelagics. September 21, 2007. HOW TO SET UP YOUR FISHING GEAR FOR THE ROCKS-SHORE FOR SNAPPER, TREVALLY & KAHAWAI - Some tips how to set up for fishing off the rocks and shore. There have also been good numbers of mahi mahi (dolphinfish) out there this season. Snapper on the Rocks. Fishability Test: Scout 330 LXF. The other reason we like fishing for Snapper so much, is because they are plentiful and almost always biting. }); All information © 2020 The Fishing Website, Catching big Snapper - What you need to know, Kingfish on Saltwater fly - fishing the flats, NZ Fishing News 2020 Christmas Gift Guide. e.preventDefault(); Exploiting these habits, the two primary methods for catching snapper from the shore are stray-lining (dead baits and soft-plastic baits) and fishing dead baits on the bottom. $('#tbodyid').html(''); // Clear #tbodyid div Snapper Fishing - On the Rocks Part 1. Fishing large, straylined baits is the traditional way to catch large snapper, especially in reefy territory. Use your powers of observation and persevere. } Boats. $(function() } $("#date1").html("

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"); How To. Building up knowledge like this takes time though, because the highly adaptable snapper can be found in a wide range of inshore habitats and will feed on a similarly wide range of foods. }); By Robert Sloan. $("#major2").html(" "+ data[0].major2); How To catch Snapper. Sidecasts can be left in the casting position, spinning reels can be set with either the bail arm open or the drag backed right off whilst overheads can be left in free spool with the racket on. It doesn’t happen often, just now and again, but I’ve seen it enough to have formed a theory that these big bruisers sometimes feel tough enough to swim where they want, when they want! However, my choice would be to fish the rock bars at the entrance of the river, as that is where most of the bream are held up. Siren 3 Pro. Shimano TLD20 or TLD25). year+=1900; Whilst I’m on the topic of feeding habits, when snapper are really hungry, many of the rules I’ve described above go out the window. Again taking a leaf from the trout fisherman’s book it’s good to bear in mind that whatever technique you employ, snapper will often be lurking in guts and deep pools just meters from the rocks. $("#date2").html("

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"); var year=mydate.getYear(); $("#major3").html(" " + data[1].major1); } Last month’s feature looked at the gear and rigs necessary to target snapper from the rocks – now it’s time to head off and cast out some suitable baits. A FEW EXCEPTIONS to my observations and comments are worth noting: Big snapper (and I’m talking over the magical 20-pound mark [9.1kg] here) can turn up in the darnedest places at the darnedest times of day, including in shallow water under a blazing sun. By Alex Bellisimo I am going to go briefly into distance casting for snapper off the ocean rocks. Although NZ is classed as a temperate climate, we are lucky enough to get plenty of visitors from the tropics. They’re located at 65A Orient St, Batemans Bay (02 4472 2559). It is potentially more effective than the usual method of fishing the bottom, because the weight sits directly on the bait, so you can stay in direct contact with it. If you want to land some of the 20 or 30 pounders, use dead bait as well as pogies and squid. Texas state waters continue to produce excellent catches of red snapper after federal waters have closed - as long as you know where to look! In this article, he t... more >, Flat fishing for kingfish with saltwater flies is a highly technical but rewarding proposition. $("#minor4").html(" " + data[1].minor2); Snapper season lasts all year long if you go after the right snapper in the right places on the Alabama coast. Rock-fishing accessories. These fish are extremely spooky and can prove difficult to catch. $('#loadingmessage').hide(); // hide the loading message $("#major1").html(" " + data[0].major1 ); They’re also very cunning fish. Unlike, say, trevally, kingfish and kahawai, all of which strike best at unweighted, naturally drifting baits, a weighted bait fished closer or on the bottom is more likely to account for snapper. Whilst snapper can be caught on faster moving lures and live baits, these are generally far less effective. $("form#caldata").submit(); if (daym<10){ daym="0"+daym;} This article is reproduced with permission of    They’re great fish to have on a sandwich or taco. Here, Craig Worthington discusses how to cat... more >, This year, we’ve gathered some awesome gifts that are ideal for the fisher in your life, whether you’re in the Far North or the ... more >. $("#minor1").html(" " + data[0].minor1); Snapper off the rocks using Catch Beady Eye Kabura...thanks for the pic @addictionunleashed The hottest jig just got hotter, The Kabura has been a sensational performer when the fishing is tough. even thoe i would be happy to catch a just legal one at 50cm lol ;). // The type of request. type: "post", And now that we had hungry fish coming to us, we just needed to use the right type of bait to catch the fish we wanted. How to Catch Snapper. Snapper hooked me many years ago, and if anything I’m keener than ever on catching them. My shrimp was not very happy as I allowed it to sink slowly into the clear water of Perdido Pass near the rock jetties that break the strong Gulf swells.
I have heard that the snapper come in to feed off the crabs that fall off the rocks. var montharray=new Array("Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec"); Alternatively you can float an unweighted pilchard, which often does the trick for me. However, by comparing and contrasting my home and away snapper fishing I have seen a few patterns and developed a few theories about catching them. Welcome to our “How to Catch Snapper Fishing Guide”!We’re big fans of snapper for a couple of reasons, one is the taste. }); The following report was compiled by Rodney Stokman while Anthony was on holidays. Generally a 40-100m cast is necessary. The best time of year to fish for snapper varies from region to region. There have been a lot of good size pan fish of 1-2kg, and fish of 4kg or more are not uncommon either, so it’s worth setting out a snapper bait as you spin a metal lure for the tailor. A four-ounce snapper lead on the longer dropper of your rig will help give you the casting distance necessary to reach the gravel beds out wide. Top snapper tips If I were to draw any meaningful comparison between snapper and another species in our waters, it would be the blue moki. More . Re-publishing elsewhere is prohibited. As for moki, some locations fish better for snapper at very specific times of the day. New Zealand Fishing News If the area is heavily fished, use smaller live bait so you can catch some of the medium sized ones. There have been a lot of good size pan fish of 1-2kg, and fish of 4kg or more are not uncommon either, so it’s worth setting out a snapper bait as you spin a metal lure for the tailor. All contents copyright © 2014 Fishing Monthly. Snapper fishing has been reasonable with most of the better fish being caught in close. As already mentioned, snapper are normally a wary fish, and generally speaking the best time to fish for them is at dusk, dawn and after dark (my previously written-about ‘Three Ds’). We have an awesome national park nearby where we hike out to some ledges and target reds. minDate:new Date(2007, 1 - 1, 1), Using Multi-Purpose Transducers to Find Fish. Auckland angler Brendon Deacon with a superb 24.5lb snapper landed off the rocks in the far north. It is possible to target landbased snapper in deep water too. Sufficient weight is needed to keep the baits near the bottom where snapper usually feed. An element in this may be that huge numbers of small sharks move in on dark to snaffle most baits before anything more desirable can get to them – but I do also believe snapper are daytime feeders in this fishery. The most popular technique used for snapper from the rocks is to fish the bottom using a sliding paternoster rig. There have been plenty of trevally from Mogo Creek to the entrance, flathead in deeper water due to the fresh and bream around the oyster racks as well. Exploiting these habits, the two primary methods for catching snapper from the shore are stray-lining (dead baits and soft-plastic baits) and fishing dead baits on the bottom. " So no wonder catching snapper off the beach or rocks is highly regarded in Kiwi fishing circles. These small fish can be present in huge numbers, especially in sheltered waters, and will peck away mercilessly at baits targeting bigger fish. Unlike boats, our extensive rocky coastline costs nothing to buy, maintain and run, and doesn’t suffer from mechanical problems either. document.getElementById('date_time').value= date ; Mid-winter can be a very good time to target big snapper in the north. How to Use Fishing Lights. With this in mind, fishing for one can be good practice for fishing for the other. Boats. Consequently, while surfcasting for snapper on shallow surf beaches can be very productive, it’s quite possible to fish for hours and hours through the daylight hours without a single bite, then catch six in six casts when the sun dips below the horizon! In northern parts of the North Island my preferred time of year would be from March to November. Snapper are found consistently around the entire North Island. Snapper feeding on the bottom will usually strike at the bait once, drop it, then come back a second time, or when satisfied that it is dead and/or better positioned to be inhaled. However, for this style of fishing, a threadline with a “bait runner” is king and the old style monofilament hand line is a heap of fun too as … Even so, the limited season means I do a lot of fishing in more northern parts of the North Island these days, where snapper can be caught year round; on these trips I sometimes catch more snapper in a day than I do all year around at home. This season’s marlin fishing was a bit hit-and-miss up until a few weeks ago, where it took off with good reports of marlin out on the shelf and inside. The best places to look for snapper along with choosing bait, presentation, fishing rigs, and tackle to use. I know of some guys having a good session last week in only 5m of water. var daym=mydate.getDate(); You will no doubt be rewarded for your efforts. Rocky territory often provides the food and shelter necessary for attracting and holding snapper, and you don’t need to fork out big bucks for a boat and trailer to catch them. Snapper are a naturally wary fish, and this is often apparent from their behaviour in the berley trails deployed off the rocks. The odd location will fish better for snapper during the daytime than during the night. In rocky areas they will find food in the form of crayfish, kina and shellfish, dislodging them from the rocks with their powerful teeth. In this more tentative snapper fishery, staying in touch with other anglers and enquiring at your local tackle stores can be beneficial in terms of knowing when the snapper have turned up. ).datepicker("getDate"); Hooking a big snapper is like tying into a freight train. How to strayline rockfishing in NZ for snapper, kahawai and trevally. Work the popper with long slow pulls making as much splash as possible. There are quite a few tactics you can employ to allow a snapper to run. I have even heard of estuary perch being caught at the first lot of racks near Bud Island. if (year < 1000){ Weight is adjusted to suit water depth, current strength and/or the speed of drift. The majority of the snapper we catch off the rocks are pan-sized fish of 40 to 50cm. A small squid or octopus tentacle set on a paternoster rig cast over the rock drop-off is all you need to catch one of these nice snapper. Catching snapper off the rocks is definitely a difficult target but during the winter period you can hook some real bruts! No fish tugs at the Kiwi surfcaster’s heartstrings quite like the snapper. As the shrimp sank […] I’ve encountered this particularly in the Coromandel, Bay of Plenty and Northland. Please enable JavaScript to use this form. { But if you’re serious about getting the big one, a live bait is necessary. { Snapper Fishing - On the Rocks Part 2. It was a 99kg striped marlin caught in 60 fathoms of water near the Batemans Bay FAD. I caught a 4kg snapper off of north mole on a nice balmy evening, on the second time I ever went there. Catching snapper is not a year-round proposition in my home waters of the lower North Island, but during late summer and early autumn they can be caught reliably if you know where to go and what to do. $("#caldata").submit(function(e){ It’s not hard to work out why. This helps to explain why they are so widespread and in some places so abundant. Light penetrating into the water tends to push them deeper, so targeting them from the shore is best done during these low-light periods. This situation lasts until the first of the bad southerlies arrive (normally April). While some snapper traits remain the same throughout the fishery, others can vary hugely between regions. People have been catching them on skirts trolling for marlin, and most of the bigger fish have been caught this way. Small snapper (undersized and just-legal specimens) behave a bit like baitfish and can be very active during the daytime in shallow water when their bigger mums and dads are holding in deeper water. For chasing sport fish from the rocks or shore you could get away with two rods. The pattern really can be that marked. Beaches around the river mouth have been fishing better since the rain, as the fresh pushed a lot of prawns and bait fish out the front. $.ajax({ Therefore, if serious about catching more and bigger snapper, I strongly recommend keeping a diary of your efforts in the different areas, paying particular attention to the time of season, day and tide. $("#minor2").html(" " + data[0].minor2); Mid-winter this year I hooked and landed a 7kg snapper off the rocks bang on noon – but no doubt the strong berley trail deployed in this remote far North location was also helpful. Flasher rigs are based on the same principal, but add flashy materials tied to the shanks of the hooks to further entice a fish to bite. var month=mydate.getMonth(); In rocky areas they will find food in the form of crayfish, kina and shellfish, dislodging them from the rocks with their powerful teeth. $(function(){ These fish are expert ambush predators and many a fisho has been busted off on reefs by these snapper. At this time of year the water is cooler, which tends to reduce the numbers of fish, but those that are present seem to be bigger. Snapper are more commonly caught on our inshore and offshore reefs by the boat anglers. With the big push of fresh water after the rain we have had, there is a real mixed bag of fish around the entrance of the Clyde river. How to Catch Offshore Snapper on Lures By Justin Willmer. }); $('#date_time').datepicker( Snapper are available from north Queensland, right around the southern coastline and into northern WA, with concentrations more around the central to southern coastlines.

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