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At level 15, you can choose between the versatile Assist class, the agile Acrobat class, the hardy Mercenary class, or the mystifying Magician class. Discussion on [Release] Insanity Flyff Multi Hack within the Flyff Hacks, Bots, Cheats, Exploits & Macros forum part of the Flyff category. For universal skills like Dark Illusion, Acrobats use FP. The Harlequins make for a deadly class with their combo of stealth and attacks. Self-Buffs- Can ONLY be cast on yourself.(eg. A bow will require arrows which may be purchased at a [General] NPC. Farm to win! Avoid Insanity Flyff and Magma flyff at all cost. 271 People Used View all course ›› Visit Site Flyff Gold Official Site. Insanity FlyFF Official Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Only cropped out running time & added text. At level 151, a Billposter will evolve into a Forcemaster. Ringmaster is the other class that an assist can choose from. Harlequins gain a few buffs, and the Pandemonium skill. Mentalist Mentalists are the third class for Psykeepers. Templars are the third class for knights. One of the four options available to you when you are ready to depart from vagrant-hood is the Acrobat. A Ranger will wield a bow to be able to use the skills of his class. It uses a mixture of current MP, STR, and good timing to deliver a sometimes instant kill. If you want to donate to my project, you can send me items/perins via email ingame and I am going to dedicate a video to you! Darkon 1, 2 and 3 will get you from 60-120 at least. An acrobat may wield a "Yo-Yo" or a bow. Ranger The addition of the Force Master Skills bring the most welcomed boost to party abilities. Psykeeper Because of his tremendous HP and Defense, he can take up loads of mobs and won't die with proper gear. Note that once you reach level 120 for the first time, your level will go down to 60 and you'll have a silver M emblem by your name. These, however, do not deal in the field of elemental damage. Staffs will be two-handed until level 151. Upon reaching level 60, you will have a number of things to choose from depending on what you are. It is assumed that Tarkkis96 is not serious of joining a server for an extended period of time. Finally, at 151, you may upgrade to the "final form" of your class. over 1000 players active siege. They can equip the crossbow, a compact and highly lethal weapon. However, a 1v1 "ADoCH" YJ is also a viable build, especially in PvE. Elementor Both Krona and Clockworks flyff are good servers, but have plenty of modifications. No P2W. Bring him three living pets(must be same class), he will give you 3 pieces of scroll you may then exchange them for a Scroll of Revival of the same class. Another way to get Buffs is from Acrobat There are two styles of Billposters. Someone mentioned Rivalflyff. They are more of a melee class, and fight using a knuckle and a shield. You'll start off as the basic newbie class, the Vagrant, and from there you'll change into another once you have a good concept of how the game is played. Both of these weapons are two-handed, so you will not be able to use a shield with them. For PvP, there are ones who build to boost their damage with the skill Asalraalaikum. Magicians are known for their ability to clear large groups of monsters and debuff their foes in battle. Ringmaster Forcemasters receive a few extra buffs. Join millions of MMORPG players. Join us NOW !!! Once you become a Psykeeper, your combat stance will cause you to levitate, a purely cosmetic effect. Both Hero and Master level unlock a new skill for you, and this is the only time your level will fall besides by dying. The maximum level on Insanity is 300. Many parts of this Wiki may link or contain information extracted from our Forums. A Billposter swings a heavy Knuckle around with a shield. It boasts custom mid to high rates, custom content like monsters and dungeons, custom fashion, cosmetic systems, level caps, gear, and TONS more! Blades are a second class for mercenaries and are the best damage dealers in the game. It is important to note that a bow will receive more damage from placing stat points in "DEX" (dexterity) than STR. Jeder Spieler beginnt als „Vagrant“ mit Level 1. With their normal assist buffs, and their additional damage skills upon second job change, they are a very strong class. All of their damaging skills scale off of INT. A slightly more in-depth synopsis of these options will follow the image. Force Masters are the third class for Billposters. At level 20, the Stonehand skill unlocks which is an extremely useful skill, as it stuns both monsters and players you're fighting. 10. If you're still relatively new, see the New Player Guide. As a Battle Rm, I have 14 pks, and I do pick arena fights and come out victorious. Outdated. A Psykeeper uses a wand and a shield as they debuff and harass their enemies with fast casting spells. ADoCH is an option suitable for both PvE and PvP. Coupled with the Dark Illusion Acrobat skill, Rangers can make a great PK support class as enemies will be silenced, and will not see you attacking, or leaving the scene of the crime! Sticks level 15-121 are two-handed, while any beyond that are one-handed. You can too! You'll start off as the basic newbie class, the Vagrant, and from there you'll change into another once you have a good concept of how the game is played. As with almost any game, you have the choice to pick out classes at certain levels. At level 15 you can choose between the jobs in green. Aibatts. The other classes all have self-buffs. ), Mercenary Slayers are the third class for blades. Farming is a big word in the server. We provide the best online gaming experience. You are now level 60 [Master]. (Clean Hit, Flurry, Over Cut) Acrobat: Ranged character that fights using bows or yoyos, very good in 1v1s, not so much in aoe, but they excel at pvp. A Knight is the "tankiest" class of the game, boasting the highest HP ratio when you choose to wield a Destroyer. Elementors have the largest variety of second job skills, all of which are understandably element based and build up to stronger, sometimes combined versions. Raise another pet to the same class as the dead pet you wish to resurrect. Seraphs are the third class for Ringmasters. I am on a quest to have fun on all 8 classes in Insanity Flyff. Join us NOW !!! View entire discussion ( 4 comments) More posts from the FlyFF community.

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