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These stylish, contemporary buildings feature flat roofs, under 2.5m high, to comply with planning permission and can be customised by adding a canopy to the side, front or rear (see above). Drying times vary depending on temperatures and outside weather conditions. Hereward. The exotic Iroko hardwood provides an ideal exterior hardwood decking material once it has gone through the thermowood treatment giving it improved stability and durability. Iroko is a naturally hard, oily wood and you may find if this is fresh wood that application so soon is not viable. Iroko for Cladding. You may have to remove as much as 10% of the thickness of the bleach stained wood … No problem! See the articles Wood Allergies and Toxicity and Wood Dust Safety for more information. Good looking “Posh” Sheds and garden storage, bespoke, contemporary and traditional designs. Natural chemicals in the timber give it a slightly ‘oily’ surface. Highly durable and resistant to rot and insect infiltration, Iroko is an ultra-versatile choice for flooring and … Original Poster. I’m sorry to hear your iroko worktops were stained by a spillage of bleach. The iroko leaves, bark, milky/yellowish latex and ashes are used for preparing herbal medicines for treating certain ailments and diseases. How a garden office could be the answer to keeping…. If this is not possible we can arrange delivery via a smaller vehicle with hiab offload. However, be very cautious with this wood; it is more allergenic than mahogany. The other specie that is called African Teak is Afrormosia. Fully installed or DIY summerhouse kits. Allow this to dry for approximately 12 hours, before applying a second coat. Iroko. It is lighter in color than teak and finishes to a golden brown. Registered Office: Trowbridge Garden Centre, 288 Frome Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0DT. ColinM50. Fully insulated, contemporary, space saving take a look at our Linea Garden Rooms, “ Thank you for everything you did to produce such a lovely building. The herbal medicine can also be used to unblock the throat … After this time, wipe over the external tmber cladding & doors / windows with a methylated spirit, using a lint free cloth to clear any dust or dirt. This micro-porous product, offers a clear, satin finish that  will allow the timber to breathe, it will help to reduce any swelling & shrinkage, is water repellent and will not crack or peel. Iroko Wood Lumber, also known as African teak Lumber is a dense African timber with the properties of genuine teak. Iroko is often used for … Iroko … It is a very durable wood; iroko does not require regular treatment with oil or varnish when used outdoors, although it is … Permanent quality outdoor classrooms and commerical premises, suitable for long or short term use. Allow each coat to dry for four to six hours between applications. To prevent Iroko slatted seats from staining, aging or discolouring, teak oil can be used as a protective measure to repel water and shield the wood from sun and weather. Working from home tips during the Coronavirus crisis. Worktop Finishing. Luxury wooden garden gazebos & shelters, perfect for a hot tub shelter, outdoor parties & entertaining or just a relaxing retreat. The commercial lengths vary from 9 to 24 m. … 2,745 posts ... Base coat is for bare wood only. Its light amber colour and an elegant look captures perfection with its modern aspect. The general apperance as well the ability to use in outdoor applications make Iroko a good substitute for Teak. Wood Vendors supplies rough lumber, surfacing, ripping, s4s, panels, and custom Iroko flooring. Explore it now and buy best Iroko Cladding. BOTANICAL DESCRIPTION: The tree is up to 30 to 48 m tall, with diameters up to 150 cm. – Repeat as necessary to achieve the desired finish. Our Planed All Round Iroko Timber originates from Tropical Africa and is light yellow in colour when freshly cut, turning to beautiful golden brown when exposed to light. We can offer help or advice with planning permission, or we can design your garden building to comply with - or avoid - planning, for example with a roof under 2.5m high. If you would like to discuss your street furniture requirements, or if you would like some advice about how to care for Iroko street furniture products, please feel free to contact us today. Discussion. Our range of timber slatted seats also include the Lander seat with a mild steel frame and the Magellan timber slatted seat with a satin polished stainless steel frame. … We can laminate the timber if requested to improve its qualities to produce a truly impressive long lasting iroko gate. These quality Iroko buildings are made to last and are the natural choice for the discerning garden lover. Caring for Iroko. A range of our timber slatted seats, including the Emperor seat, are made using ethically sourced Iroko slats. ... we would recommend that you sand the entire surface of the worktop significantly to remove the top layer of treatment and the timber that has been discoloured by the bleach. Work from home in comfort & style in our made to measure insulated garden offices & studios. Best treatment for oak and iroko gates? Standard delivery is via articulated lorry with forklift to roadside. Iroko is a strong, very durable Hardwood of attractive appearance and small movement. To maintain the natural colour of … We made an island top from it a … Iroko wood was the wood chosen for the pews in the Our Lady of Peace Basilica. Iroko is a distinctive golden or medium brown hardwood, originating from the west coast of Africa. Osmo UV-Protection Oil Extra is an eco-friendly product, based on plant oils, which will help to slow down the silvering of the timber that will occur over time. The wood color is initially yellow but darkens to a richer reddish brown over time. Initially golden in colour, it will eventually, of course, weather to a silvery grey. This wood species can be worked well. It is usually the wood used for external applications because of its resistance to decay. Read more, Welcome to Proline Garden Rooms Beautifully designed, top quality, traditional and contemporary garden summerhouses. We recommend that after assembly, you leave the building for at least 6-8 weeks to allow the natural oils to come to the surface of the timber. Check out our "Top Tips" for commissioning your own bespoke garden room from the ground up. Initially golden in colour, it will eventually, of course, weather to a silvery grey. This website shrinks my 1mb pic down to 47kb - … Iroko can, however, be sliced, grinded and planed … Wood sometimes resistant to wood finish product: IROKO contains a non-saturated phenolic compound, the chlorophorin, which is a powerful anti-oxidant. To maintain the natural colour of the Iroko we recommend applying a quality oil finish which is very easy to do. You can also use the iroko wood for cladding since it is an extremely durable timber with a class one status. An opening side window is also offered as an option. Due to mineral inclusions in the pores, carbide tipped tools have to be used, otherwise tools become dull quickly. Generally, it contains boiled linseed or tung oil as the main ingredient as well as mould inhibitors and chemicals that filter harmful ultraviolet rays. Generally, it contains boiled linseed or tung oil as the main ingredient as well as mould inhibitors and chemicals that filter harmful ultraviolet rays. Iroko is one of the traditional djembe woods. Iroko is the ideal wood to use for your windows and doors. – Rub the surface with a clean lint-free cloth to remove excess oil, following the wood grain. This treatment alone is not enough to protect timber but when … Use the best brush for the treatment you are applying; for water based paints, use a synthetic brush as … It is a very durable wood and does not require regular treatment with oil or varnish when used outdoors. Iroko is an African Hardwood. Pricing/Availability: Iroko … It's very dense and when quarter-sawn has a golden sheen. 2,426 posts. Wood – IROKO (African teak) or a combination of firs / spruce– coated with oil; CUSHIONS. To prevent Iroko slatted seats from staining, aging or discolouring, teak oil can be used as a protective measure to repel water and shield the wood from sun and weather. Contact us for your perfect garden building. Garden log cabins, made to measure to suit all tastes and budgets, let us design the right cabin for you! If the wood was previously sealed, sand the surface with fine-grit sandpaper to remove the varnish, polyurethane or other wood sealants prior to washing. Ideal sponge density; Special contour treatment; Persistence, softness and elegance; High quality materials with … 135 months The natural oils in the wood will repel any varnish or paints you try to apply and oils will not penetrate as the wood … This timber can be used as an … – Rinse the surface thoroughly and allow it to dry completely. When freshly cut or unexposed to light it has a distinct yellow colour which cures to a rich golden brown. Its grain is sharp, dark and irregular, which gives it that rustic appearance. Give Pat or Tom a call at 877.983.6367 … Iroko looks like a combination of teak and mahogany to me (I'm a fan of both). Iroko is a very durable wood. Made to measure. For inspiration visit our Posh Sheds Gallery  Fo your own design, contact us on 01225 774566. Iroko is nice stuff - harder than mahogany but stains just as nice (looks nicer natural though). Iroko wood was the wood chosen for the pews in the Our Lady of Peace Basilica. The grain is coarse, yet even, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. Paint/stain the timber in the same direction as the grain, don’t paint across the grain. We then recommend you apply a thin coat of Osmo UV protection Oil – 420 using a flat brush or microfibre roller. 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