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Day 4: He tells a story of a happy lady who is stuck with a spouse who is veeeery depressing….and he describes himself as “the happiest guy in the world!” So guess who is supposed to be “stuck with the veeeery depressing spouse?” He has told his sisters so many stories about my “depression” that they believe him, but interestingly, he does not do this with his brothers. is a key remedy for lack of confidence, and types of acute and chronic digestive disorders. On the physical level it mainly deals with symptoms arising from complaints of the gastrointestinal system (including the liver) such as gall-stones, cirrhosis, Crohn’s disease , hepatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, gastric and duodenal ulcers, but only when the characteristic symptoms … The first step I’d have to take to make such a comparison is to reach exactly (or even “if”, in the first place”) the enneagram is grounded into a concrete aspect of our dynamic physiology. They are extremely competitive and manipulative. (Reverse, LYCOPODIUM.) Psychologically, this person is called a gaslighter, which does not engender much sympathy. At home, they are the dictator of the family and outside they put on the mask of charming. There are 15 basic homeopathic constitutional types considered in homeopathic prescribing. I’m new to this and wondering if anyone has read the enneagram? The root of this trait lies in their childhood. They fear of being alone, of nervous breakdown and fear of not reaching their destination. Despite being a people pleaser, Lycopodium is a great diplomat. Little things annoy, Extremely sensitive. Thank you for giving me some hope. Its action in uterine troubles is also very marked. But we may have neuralgia, swelling, induration, suppuration, tumors or cancer of one or both ovaries. Averse to undertaking new things. As a result, it tends to be a very commonly used remedy. I did not realize she had given me the key to his personality type…, Hi! Examining the Adverse Effects of Fluoride (part four), Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Calcarea Carbonicum. Lycopodium loves, but is made ill by oysters: Hates coffee and meat. As my mother in law used to say, if they get their constitutional remedy, they are always better for it, regardless of the illness. He is hungry for power and starts dominating people, hurting them. Once I got to this point, I’m not sure that I’d find a direct correlation between the genotypes and the enneagram types, as there are 6 of the one, and 9 of the other. Learn everything about the evolutionary traits of Lycopodium – from childhood to old age in the webinar by Dr. Jawahar Shah – Evolutionary Materia Medica Lycopodium. public speaking or exams for fear of failing. Physical symptoms such as eczema and cracked heels tend to be on the right-side of the body, be worst on the right side, or start on the right and before extending to the left. Facial twitching. The above information is abstra… Best regards, Living with a Lycopodium patient is like: Good night man on the moon! This worst side can be described as the type who is very popular and charming outside of the home, but a dictator to their family in private. There are personality elements contributed from our blood type, our dominant glandular I can identify with most of this wondering if the two tend to go hand and hand… Those needing Lycopodium often have dry skin or mucus membranes, and crave sweets… Lycopodium is only about timidity, egoistic and fearful. I know that this is often the complaint you’ll hear about husbands, but it is equally true for female Lycopodiums. They do not have faith in their capabilities, they have a lack of self-confidence. Thanks so much for your excellent comment and observations. They may also be prone to impotence, as an offshoot of their deep tendency to feeling inferior, and always trying to compensate by proving themselves. Constitutional Homeopathic "Snip-Its" – Find Your Remedy Brief Notes for Fun :-)Question: What is constitutional homeopathy? The honking from other vehicles increases their panic. Lycopodium is a low creeping perennial plant. with full and tense stomach” The Lycopodium FOOD CRAVINGS are for sweet things-for hot drinks. Lycopodium will go out of his way to please his peers. Their biggest challenges include confidence and commitment. Other people have REAL problems and so this is just nothing. At their best they are very reasonable, confident, and even charming. – Diane Nowlan, Office Manager, Your email address will not be published. Mind: Melancholy; afraid to be alone. Keeping the timidity and lack of confidence aside, Lycopodium is also big egoistic. Required fields are marked *. Hurried when eating. They lack confidence though they come across as arrogant or overly sarcastic. The author discusses some common mental themes of Lycopodium. The homeopathic similarity between person and plant (Lycopodium is a creeping moss), is best understood by noting that during the carboniferous era, long before the age of dinosaurs, Lycopodiums were huge, the forefathers of giant ferns, but now still hanging on, are small mosses. They have agoraphobia (fear of places and situations). It appears, though, that although these are “thought” or “meditation” provings, they are still by and large based on substance remedies. Being so strongly grounded in their rational mind, the Lycopodium can have trouble making true emotional connections, even to their own spouse or family. This can go to such an extent that a Lycopodium becomes a sycophant because of the fear of punishment. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. Symptoms worsened by warm rooms and between 4 – 8pm. What would that mean for the leftover 3 types, for example? Click below to download the 30 days Zomeo Free Trial. Much of their behaviour is motivated by covering up, or compensating for their own perceived inadequacies, and this is a big part of why they can sometimes appear to have such an over-inflated ego. Great information about constitution of lycopodium clav. What happens to Lycopodium when the state of health begins to decline? When penis is small, relaxed and cold then Lycopodium is appropriate remedy ‘Lycopodium, in terms of frequency in the population of civilized nations it is second only to Natrum muriaticum. Homeopathic Action Alliance Our Partners Member Resources e-Learning Center Materia Medica and Repertory Database Homeopathy Today Member Only Webinars (login required1) My account Selenium Natural History. The patient is generally irritable and often sarcastic, has headaches from low blood sugar as a result of not eating, digestive uneasiness including “butterflies” in stomach, diarrhoea or very loose stools and lots of wind. In that sense, Lycopodiums make better lawyers, and Siliceas are better judges. GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Tall and lean with worry and frown lines on head. They might have one dominating parent who criticizes him rather than praising him. Ambra grisea Natural History. Your email address will not be published. Insecure and hates change. Dislikes wearing tight clothing. Famous people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Muhammed Ali, Steffi Graf. This is one of the primary problems with most classical materia medica literature, is that it does NOT have such a distinction between health and disease, and all the symptoms are mixed into a single entry.”. The question I have is that if his constitutional remedy is Lycopodium, how high a dose should I give to see some results? Hence they avoid going to new places because of the panic attack. This results in the shyness, timidity, and bashfulness in Lycopodium. They have the strongest sweet tooth of any constitutional type, which is a stimulant both for digestion, as well as the brain, which they draw on a lot. Often look older than their years. Valerie Lovelace maintains a homeopathic/holistic practice in Maine, United States. Thanks for raising this question. In the state of good health, they are among the intellects, perfectionist, and aristocrats. Practitioner, Jeff Korentayer, has provided the following reply: “Good question! Lycopodium clavatum (Lyc.) Socially, they are extremely adept and versatile, and able to climb to the top of a social or workplace hierarchy, but this is much truer in terms of outer social conventions, and not from a true inner emotional connection. Available 2C-30C, 200C, 4X-30X, 1M-100M, 30C, 200CH MIND Mind Melancholy, afraid to be alone Little things annoy Extremely LYCOPODIUM. My exploration of the six Genotypes (homeopathic constitutional or personality types) leads me today to Lycopodium. The quintessential marriage partner for Lycopodium, by the way, is the Pulsatilla type, who is most grounded in the emotional mind. Is Lycopodium also considered a disease state (phenotype) like suphur seems to be, as well as a genotype? Read this book in Zomeo Homeopathic Software. He is a gaslighter…but he turns on the charm for everyone outside the family and demands control at home. The constitutional type takes into … At home, they are the dictator of the family and outside they put on the mask of charming. Zomeo Homeopathic Software provides 41 repertories, 1300 homeopathy books, information on 3200+ remedies, 109 materia medica books and many more features. Contraindications: No known contraindication. Is he able to handle his downfall? Lycopodium Constitution Click Here to Buy Remedies from Online Store Read more about the Lycopodium Remedy Learn more about the Homeopathic Constitutional Types Take An On-Line Survey Now To Find Your (Not to be confounded with Amber Succinum.) Thank you for your comment! Example, day One: he tells me I am His Enemy (because I bought a coffee maker for my son and he had told me not let my son drink coffee AND I disagreed with his mother 21 years ago. ) I think I am a pulsatilla, but the distance creates a big push-pull in the relationship, but as far as the children go, I agree that they need an emotionally grounded person since the Lycopodium personality is incapable. Thinning hair in men. It is a monument to Hahnemann. Learn More About The Homeopathic Constitutional Types Take Your Homeopathic Constitution Survey Now! This often makes them the “players” on the dating scene, who are much more comfortable moving through several superficial relationships, rather than finding true love and exploring their deeper emotions within a relationship. Another aspect which can make finding the genotype tricky, is that our personality is made up of more than just the homeopathic constitution. They have a great fear of being left alone and their emotional symptoms often manifest into physical ones. Find about Lycopodium symptoms & personality as a homeopathy remedy. The above information is abstracted from the book by Dr. Farokh Master – Mr. Lycopodium. His personality type is very frustrating to deal with. Find about Carcinosinum symptoms & personality as a homeopathy remedy. Ambergris. They look down on everyone. The charm is back on for the length of the event. Keeping the timidity and lack of confidence aside, Lycopodium is also big egoistic. At their worst, they are egotistical, competitive, and manipulative, doing whatever it takes to get ahead in the game of success. Day 2: He forgets that his old and dear friend has invited us to dinner, so could we all dress up to go? Lycopodium works well as a homeopathic remedy for those who have great anxiety in their lives. About The Lycopodium Clavatum Homeopathic Constitutional Type Take the Homeopathic Constitution Survey now! There is often some challenge for student homeopaths to learn the difference between Lycopodium and Silicea, and one way you can start to see the difference is to consider that Lycopodium is more akin to following the letter of the law, whereas Siliceas follow the spirit of the law. It belongs to the Lycopodiaceae family and is commonly found in the hilly pastures and heaths of Central and Northern Europe, Russian Asia and North America. Sensitiveness runs throughout lycopodium personality, cannot tolerate cold, craves for warmth. American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH) is a leading homeopathic college for Classical Homeopathy, with national & international students. (50 years of experience) Lycopodium लाइकोपोडियम Homeopathic Medicine uses, Symptoms, Benefits in hindi Dr Kasim Chimthanawala Hello, Friends! But the answer according to the proving of this drug is as follows. Though classed among the inert substances, and thought to be useful only for rolling up allopathic pills, Hahnemann brought it into use and developed its power by attenuation. Lycopodium person at work, in society, as a family member. Lycopodium is an antipsoric, anti-syphilitic and anti-sycotic, and its sphere is broad and deep. Conversely, they can successfully “put on their game face” at work, but need a lot of emotional support and nurturing at home from a supportive spouse and family. Lyc Q? Lycopodium is a homeopathic remedy that treats a wide variety of acute and chronic complaints. These are excuses to keep his distance. If you and your husband are interested in consulting with a practitioner, you can reach us at . Interactions: No known interactions. This fear causes panic attacks. Does he still remain intelligent? Lachesis Homeopathy Personality or Constitution is of a less melancholy temperament. Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head, in intuiting that there’s a world of difference between a “state of disease” and a “state of health”. However, if you are pregnant , have an implant (such as those for birth control), are on medication, ensure you inform a homeopathic doctor about the issues to get the best advice and treatment. Lycopodium is a remedy that is a low key remedy for panic attacks and anxiety states. Because of its great use, this remedy was Hahnemann’s pride and joy, according to some of the materia medicas. Day 3: He tells me a sad tale of a family in Pakistan, where the sister died and the mother died and the brother was killed in a motor cycle accident. I haven’t had a look at Colin Griffith’s materia medica, which I’d like to. .Eighth to 200th Potency of Lachesis homeopathy dosage and potency is helpful.Lachesis homeopathy dosage, Lachesis mutus benefits, Lachesis homeopathic remedy menopause, How to take Lachesis, What is Lachesis homeopathy used for. Because there are so many Lycopodiums, there is a wide spectrum of different personalities within the type.’ – Philip Bailey (Homeopathic Psychology). That means, in Lycopodium you will never see the intensity we have been describing in the other remedies. He is always being compared to his elder sibling or others. My exploration of the six Genotypes (homeopathic constitutional or personality types) leads me today to Lycopodium. He fears social rejection. The New England Journal of Homeopathy Summer 1996, Vol.5 No.3 By Paul Herscu ND, DHANP, MPH (from part of a class lecture on Anacardium) The Segmented Personality Anacardium finds two … Lycopodium may be beneficial for anxiety around performing eg. Or could it be said that Lycopodium genotypes are more often “decompensated” than other types? Complaints that are aggravated from warmth. Trituration and … Lycopodiums panics are coming because of fear of facing responsibility and … Most parts of the plant have been used medicinally since the … I am not sure a Pulsatilla spouse IS best. At home, Lycopodiums like for other people to be around, but not too close or in the same room. Available 2C-30C, 200C, 4X-30X, 1M-100M, 30C, 200CH HEAD Head Shakes head without apparent cause Twists face and Fear of failure. People tend to speak (it seems to me) mostly negatively about Lycopodium, and with great passion — in a negative way. Homeopathic Lycopodium indications, uses & symptoms from 12 cross linked materia medicas. When this inflated balloon of ego bursts, their fears come out. Once this were done, the next step would be to take it at that level, and begin to draw connections to the homeopathic genotypes based on the fact that they are representations of a typology of our upper physical bodies. A healthy Lycopodium has worked to connect to their emotional life, as a servant to their often overdriven rational mind. Lycopodium is known scientifically as Lycopodium clavatum, and plants in this class can be known by many names. Constant fear of breaking down unde… “What are the uses of lycopodium homeopathy medicine?”is a simple question. Here is a condition, as expressed in Guiding Head strong and haughty when sick. We have wondered why he is the way he is… Interestingly, his mother was a homeopath and she often recommended Lycopodium for him due to his love of sweets and his digestive issues! from Keynotes and Characteristics by H C Allen… Lycopodium clavatum is For persons intellectually keen, but physically weak; upper part of body emaciated, lower part semi-dropsical; predisposed to lung and hepatic affections ( Calcarea, Phosphorus, Sulphur ); especially the extremes of life, children and old people. Magnesia Mur 30 Uses, Benefits – Magnesium Muriaticum Homeopathic Remedy Dr G. P. Singh Jul 28, 2017 Look of long suffering and sourness, tiredness, weakness, fatigue Needs … This is all interesting food for thought, and I hope that someone takes up this research projects someday. This is actually a commonly used remedy to help support the liver functions, regardless of the patient’s constitutional type. Contraindications of Homeopathic Silicea There exists no record of silicea side effects. This is one of the more IQ types (grounded more in intellect and reason than feelings), and one which is very strongly grounded in the rational mind. They fear of being alone, of nervous breakdown and fear of not reaching their destination. If a Lycopodium is driving a car due to fear he won’t be able to get on the highway. They are not interested in backbiting. Also my husband is a 9 in the enneagram so I’m wondering what his constitution could be and if we are well paired. Physically, Lycopodiums can have weakness in their digestive system, and can easily suffer from gas or indigestion. It also stands out for its affinity to fat metabolism. Homeopathic Lycopodium - MIND indications, uses & symptoms from 12 cross linked materia medicas. There are constant self-doubt and fear of failure. Now, in the sore throats of Lycopodium, warmth often benefits, but it is also true in some cases of Lycopodium sore throat, they want cold drinks and cold feels good to the throat. Plants in this family grow in many regions of the world, though the majority of varietals are native to central Asia. In that I am a 3, female and doing my constitution test I came up with Lycopodium. Lycopodium is a chief homeopathic remedy for bloating of flatulence, abdomen and several stomach related troubles such as colic dysentery, constipation, dyspepsia, indigestion and heartburn. For Lycopodium has in black type the easy satiety, and also the opposite in black type, “hunger p.c.” or ” hunger p.c. They look down on everyone. I have realized over the years that he does not want to be together unless it is to share a meal. Lycopodium may seem to be confident but they have huge belief that they are lacking in power. This is one of the more IQ types (grounded more in intellect and reason than feelings), and one which is very strongly grounded in the rational mind. My father used to tell us he loved us and we used to kiss and hug my parents good night. It’s true that the remedy lycopodium may be applied to either a lycopodium disease state, or simply a lycopodium genotype (a basic personality type in a state of health). Despite disliking someone, he will disguise it with flattery. Loss of self-confidence. Can be dramatic, creating mountains out of molehills. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I only have a cursory knowledge of the enneagram types, so I could not make any conclusive observations about how they compare with the homeopathic genotypes, at this time. They pretend to be extroverted and outgoing. Required fields are marked *, Homeopathic Constitutional Types : Lycopodium. Lycopodium Clavatum is a homeopathic remedy derived from the spores of the plant known as Clubmoss or Wolf’s Foot. Thank you for your wonderful description of my husband, ooops I mean the Lycopodium patient! They shiver due to fear. Regarding the Lyc dose, that is something that needs to be determined on a case by case basis. Information from Zomeo Homeopathic Software has been used to prepare this post. Club moss, running pine, creeping cedar, and lamb’s tail are among the most common; fox tail and vegetable sulphur are also popular in some places. Info about Carcinosinum homeopathic remedy. Keynotes of Homeopathic Medicines for Cough,, Evolution of Lycopodium with respect to age. Lycopodium is a small fern – Club Moss and hence the main feeling of a Lycopodium person is that if he remains small, his survival will be in danger. Twelve Basic Personality Types Homeopathic Archetypes: Six Genotypes, and Six Phenotypes Homeopathic practitioners have long described their medicines ("remedies") by the "picture" they represent. He is hungry for power and starts dominating people, hurting them. When this inflated balloon of ego bursts, their fears come out.

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