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However, if you’re desperate, “you can gently swipe a muslin cloth over your face while rinsing off your cleanser once a week, as this will gently slough off peeling skin,” adds Ejikeme. Have a great day. I’m thinking I’ll have to do that stuff as well as the retin-A in order to see real results, but maybe not. I am almost there and have taken all your advice on skin care. My friends rave about my skin. Hi Angie, I’m relieved to see you do come back to old posts since I have a question for you. I used it every other day. He also prescribed Retin A. I’ve never used Retin A but at 50 years old, I’m excited to start. It can cause irritation so avoiding the eye area, nostrils and lips is usually advised but it’s different for everyone. Hi there~ They are brighter. I know an MD specialized in dermatology still pushes for Retin A. Great testimonial for Retin A and hopefully people will stop wasting their money on some of the dubious things out there that don’t really do much. Does anyone have experience with that percentage? Mine prescribed Spironolactone which didn’t work for me but it might for you… or she might have other treatment options. <3. It’s only been a couple of months and I’ve had compliments on my skin! You look stunning 🙂. Boy I can see the difference. Anyways, tried it and literally within a few days, acne was gone. at an up to date place for him. Im 43 and about 8 months ago started getting cystic acne just on jaw and neck (never had before). BK Beauty Brushes Hi Rita~ My 45 gram tube lasts about 9 months using it every night. I sure hope so. It is very concerning and I guess I can add crueltry free to my list of requirements for cosmetics. You are an inspiration and such a beautiful person inside and out. I writte from Spain, I love your blog! I am 67 and am starting to really show my age – especially due to bags under my eyes. xo ~angie. Now that I’ve been using tretinoin for 3 years I can apply it above my lips without any irritation, so I’m seeing a slight improvement in my upper lip lines! I did take the estroblock pro 2 times a day and a liver cleanse supplement (like a milk thistle….very important with this kind of acne from what I learned. Everyone’s skin will react differently to different treatments. I’m very pleased with their services. The fact that you take the time to share with other women how you manage to look more beautiful with each passing year is remarkable. Lots of acne info on the site. Yes, absolutely! Thank you! I use it all year round, but I do take a break if I’m going on a really sunny vacation. In this image, I see continued improvement in the depth and length of my crows feet, and in firmness of the skin along my jawline. They had another product, an entire line that started with a G, cant find it tho online…she started talking about that but I told her i was good with glycerin and alpha hydroxy. I’m 3 years older but my skin looks better! If it can protect my existing collagen from breaking down, then I’m all over it! Retinol can be applied topically to lighten the skin and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Also is it very beneficial to use retin A 2x day as apposed to once? Required fields are marked *, Nordstrom 2020-12-03T20:47:29Z, Bangs are set to be the most requested haircut of 2021. The filler I’ve done would not affect my eyelids and I had the laser done January after I took these photos, so those aren’t contributing factors. Retinol can cause side effects such as skin dryness, irritation and sun sensitivity. Hi Esmeralda~ I really can’t say if a wait period after applying Retin-A is important since there is no consensus amongst doctors and experts. Hi Angie, thank you for sharing! However recently I started noticing that I was getting more indents/pitted scars (they look like flat lakes) on my left cheek. Thank you for doing all this for all of us. Unfortunately my research to date is pointing me to the Smartxide Co2 cold laser and the only Dr. around here who has that machine doesn’t have a good reputation. And yes, as the "retinoid uglies" have taught us, retinol and its relatives pretty much specialize in sensitivity. I’m not wearing any makeup in any of the photos and they are not re-touched. I would likecto say how much I love your commitment and dedication to your review. Even though its called a mask it goes on like a gel and totally absorbs almost instantly into your face so your pillow does’t get dirty. Retinol can, in many cases, give you clearer, smoother, better-looking skin. Hi, Angie. I’m just curious to hear your thoughts on this point in particular. If you find the effects of Retin-A are to severe then you may have to buffer but if you stick it out though 2 months it will stop. The gel can be extra drying. Can I just say I honestly don’t agree with you about Ange’s pores! But Angie, you’ve talked me back into it–I’m going to make an appointment with my derm and get a prescription! She was very nice and a few yrs older than me but looked about 20 yrs older than me. I hope that you continue to share with us! How about yours? I began with retinol about 4mths prior to the retrieve 0.5. The wrinkles are popping up left and right now. I really can see a big difference at your eyelids! But if you have oily or acne-prone skin, chances are a breakout is already brewing underneath the surface of your skin. I have found loads! The only thing I am willing to do is a bit of lip-plumping because I am a lipstick-loving kind of gal. Turbo charging the skin’s functions in this way has a temporary effect on the barrier function of the skin. The “Ugly” phase is not necessary and should be avoided. I’m using .025%, and I have a prescription for .05% that I am getting today. 0.1% tretinoin resulted in prevention of collagen degradation. I told him I was well aware of that but had a coupon so it would be affordable for me. Keep up the good work! The other thing I think has had an effect is sleeping on my back. Should have known when we went into the room and I was expecting “get smart” to come out of this closet with the very old 1960s phone on the wall and some other odd device on the wall that looked older than me, of what I was facing. Hi Angie ! The first month on retinol can be brutal. I didn’t have acne in my early 30s and really wasn’t even thinking about anti-aging. How I deal with the (retinol/retinoid) uglies! I personally found a life saver holy grail product to be the Origins Intensive Overnight Drink Up! Hi there. Do you wait 15-20 minutes after washing your face before applying? I use neutrogena’s antiwrinkle cream but i don’t really know if it has similar results. How Long do the Retin-a Uglies Last? He told me to discuss with his nurse what my options were. Clindamycin Hi Patty~ That’s great! Apparently Rapidlash was sued by Allergan and lost. Have used before, when I was 16 for acne but could never get past the initial peeling and flaking stage. Is that from Rapid Lash or Latisse? :-(. Wow you look so gd . I’ve been using Retin-A for 3 years now and it’s time to check in with before & after pictures to see if I’m still getting good results! I was impatient and didn’t ease into it as you suggested. Did you like this article? xo Angie. I wonder if you go to 4-5 nights a week by doing 2 on and 2 off would help? :-(. Nope, my dermatologist didn’t mention it either. He also urged me not to use it during the summer at all. I always wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and that is when I moisturize. Thank you for your honest feedback. I did get Voluma, a filler for the cheeks 6 months before taking the “2 Year” pictures. But it is a truly potent drug at a price that makes it available to so many! I think that you are an inspiration. I thought it was necessary to wait about 15 mins. I tried to switch to the Skinmedica product to which you are referring about 9 months ago. I’m in the UK and cannot find Retin A anywhere only Retinol, its so frustrating. For two weeks, my skin was red, dry, and weirdly … I’m trying to get in the regular habit of using Retin-A. Retin-A is not meant to be used in the day time. Is that to be expected for awhile? I had a gel filler this week put in my upper lip creases which I found on Groupon. My question is can I simply add the Retin A to my skin care routine and continue using all the products I’m currently using? Thanks. I believe in using Retin-A without irritation or too much peeling so I’d say to back off if you’re still irritated after a year. From “Hepatic side effects including reversible, clinically insignificant changes in liver function tests have been reported following both oral and topical administration of tretinoin.” Based on a quick google search it seems that taking too much Vitamin A orally can cause some liver damage, but liver “damage” is not listed as a potential side effect of topical tretinoin. It was terrible … but then glorious. I do use tretinoin under my eyes but it took a year to acclimate my skin to using it there every day. I hope to get your kind of results. I declined the treatments for now and will continue with my current treatment. I know you don’t apply Retin A to eyelids, but as you’ve written, Retin A is able to migrate there. wow some incredible results. Is it possible that by strong exfoliation and rapid cell renewal Tretinoin has uncovered previously unseen old acne scars?. I love the science of skincare, but please keep in mind that I’m not a scientist so my before and after pictures aren’t taken in a clinical setting. Alternatively, if even 0.01 is too strong, you could start out with an over-the-counter retinol. So my skin is fine, just my wrinkles make me sad.. Your email address will not be published. I was wondering if you had heard anything about this. I know you don’t put it directly on the eyelid but in an earlier article I red that you rub in the Olaz serum after you put on Retin A. All for like $60. I hope it is just as effective. What is Friluftsliv and can it help you get through winter. In general, retinol is one of the more gentle varieties of retinoids, however, “if you’re going to experience shedding it will begin on day three to five of daily night time use, and this usually continues for about five to 10 days depending on your skin type and the percentage of retinol you’ve used,” adds Ejikeme. Thank you so much and have a lovely day. Did not like his approach to my sons acne. PLAINVIEW/Getty Images "Retin-A is the brand name for tretinoin or all-trans retinoic acid, a form of acidic Vitamin A, that has been classified as a drug or medicine, that was first discovered in the '60s by Dr. Albert Kligman. Walmart Not only that, your face needs to be dry as a bone before applying Retin-A for at LEAST 20 minutes to minimize irritation and made a night and day difference for me! But, you can go to and type the medication you want plus your zip code and it will show you prices at different pharmacies in your area that are much lower with the goodrx coupon (which you’ll print out and take to your pharmacy of choice)! I am now ready to “venture” out and use it other places. Hi Callie: Been using Retin A since it came on the market ( about 30 years or so) . I decided to start using Retin-A (tretinoin) after I turned 50, when I started seeing the visible signs of aging in the mirror every morning. Dec 5, 2014 - The Retinol Uglies? Gave me a perscription, it was crazy expensive (several hundred dollars!) TIA! This Dr refused to give me a script for retin a. Whether or not you start using retinol, the best thing you can do for your skin to prevent premature aging is to wear sunscreen (at least spf 30) every day all year round. That is my main problem with it. Tranexamic acid Okay, so I don’t think it’s editing that is responsible for differences in her eyes. xo ~angie, Did your under eyes ever recover ? Is facial steaming Jada Pinkett-Smith's secret to flawless skin at 49? Please I really need help and advice . I am also going to purchase those eyelid things you use as I also have one eye lid worse than the other, but am also interested in how the Retin a has helped with the lids if you are not specifically putting any on them. Hi Jeanette~ I’m so glad you enjoy my videos! I’m super lost and have no clue what literature to take seriously. I have been reading that this happens at first, as far as the wrinkles go. Also, be sure to go to Good Rx for a VERY good coupon! A couple of years on 0.05% before that. Hi Vanessa~ The ingredients in Curology can be purchased in separate products for less, but it’s nice to get a 3-in-1 product and the price is good for that. Hey y’all! Hi Angie! xo ~angie. Used to love the fake bake tanning beds and would always burn first and tan later. Do tretinoins really kill subcutaneous fat or is this just an internet myth gone viral? Also, the over-the-counter products seem to give the impression that as they contain Retinol that they are Retin A, which isn’t quite the same. I use an online dermatology practice with the best customer service I have ever seen. I have really enjoyed learning from your experiences, thank you. Thank you Angie for telling so many people about it. The overall skin texture is about 10% better. There is a website called lovevitamin or something like that I found that people swear by this stuff. Before & After Photos Learn More About KéraPhine Body Smoothing Lotion *Study results for a 4-week evaluation of the effectiveness of KéraPhine Body Smoothing Lotion; N =81. Apparently, I did everything wrong (applied right after cleansing while my skin was still damp; used too much; used too often) so of course, my skin got red and peeled like crazy. When I found out, too, I got a prescription from a local “quick clinic” and told them I wanted it for old sun damage. What would you suggest? I am using an OTC 1% Retinol product before going on to RX Retin A. I guess this must be about week 3 and up until a few nights I had no problems. But when the dreaded retinol peeling comes around, you might be left regretting using it in the first place - unless you know how to prevent and treat the retinol uglies. That does not mean there is not value in her record–only if she had not had any other procedures during the three the results might have been different. I am still thinking of trying to get it from a dermatologist. I just wonder if there is something else I should incorporate on the non-tret nights. I am determined to keep it up…I am beginning to think that I may use too much each night…I feel like my skin is more radiant, would love to see results for my eyelids. You’re never going to see it advertised because it’s generic and off patent. Thank you for the information and pictures. Hi Trina~ I try to eliminate most other factors so we can tell if the results are just from tretinoin. I asked my aesthetician and she told me tretinoins don’t harm your subcutaneous fat at all but, as much as I love her, I’m not quite convinced just yet. I’ve also heard a couple of rumors that tretinoins actually increase your subcutaneous facial fat as well. I only picked the one I went to beacuae they could get me and my son(17 yrs old with acne and now all of the sudden cares lol) in without a long wait and after work. I think you are using one of the Olay regenerist serums and moisturizer after the tret. Ive been looking at skincare videos and urs seem to be the most convincing not to mention that ur way of explaining is very sweet.Im 39 years old and i was wondering if the skin care routine that you follow would be the same for someone my age or do i need to skip/replace a few things?Please advice.thanks a million. That was a 60% discount. Should I give it up? These online courses give you the skills you’ll need for a second profession, By Victoria Beardwood • I live in South Africa & use Aramex Global Shopper, just ordered Cerave products from Amazon. Maybe you could post a new nighttime routine?? Hope to have better results today. Now my aesthetician suggests I move to Renova, because it is in an emoillient base and I could increase the strength.

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