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Quests *If you have the Special Items to reset Skill Points, they will be consumed first instead of Orbs. This skill deals 250% more damage when using Bowgun This skill will always hit if the enemy has the status condition Blind. Create a character and build them however you like; you may choose which skills to learn, and which ones to train and advance! Currently the default katana range is 2m, so the penalty start at 3m onward. Toram Online is a free to play Japanese fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices with sandbox gameplay and a skill-based, classless character advancement system. Post here! Range increases with skill level, maximum 20m at level 10. Discussions: 1,056 Coryn Club - Toram Online Database is ©Cruithne. Toram fill Stats Skill level 4 Simulator. Weapon Bonus One-Handed Sword: MP Cost -100 Two-Handed Sword: Power +50, Boost on Critical Rate Buff Skills Able to set combos (refer to combos guide), skill points (refer to skill tree guide), newly learned skill trees will appear here, reset skill tree (30 orbsrequired to reset all skill trees, 10 orbs for a single tree reset). Change language from indonesia to english - indonesia 2. Plan your characters' skills in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Skill Simulator and Planner. This is a Skill Simulator and Planner for Summoner (Doram Race). Currently progress updated : Toram Skill Simulator 0.2.2_22feb2016 1. Added background for this web (will fix the size issue soon) 6. How to Reset a Skill Tree You can reset a Skill Tree by using ""Notebook of Oblivion"" or ""Orb x10"". This skill has DEF penalty based on skill level and distance to mob. Latest: Unexpected drop on the item prices Lost Love, Oct 18, 2020. Or are you looking to join a clan? For Portability i change Base code 3. In other word, mob's DEF will increase by a certain percent for every 1 m further than the weapon's range. This skill is treated as an unsheathe attack. When the target is made "Stun", the power will increase based on the shield's refinement value and VIT. You may also find required level to have certain amount of stat/skill points. Save public atau Login untuk melihat formula yang telah kamu simpan Post your buying/service experience with an in game Toram Online player. Credits. RSS. Discussions: 295 Messages: 5,661. Stun rate is 100% at lv 10. Stat and Skill Points Simulator - Find how many skill and stat points you'll have at certain level counting extra points from emblems or not. Added Blade1h skill to lv3 (before its lv2) 4. ""Notebook of Oblivion"" is a Special Item to delete a Skill Tree and regain the Skill Points distributed to the Skill … Added icon for skill (before i use plainbutton with text) 5. Critical Rate +25% when this skill is activated. This skill will not cause Guard Break when using Bowgun. Astute ; MP Cost: 200 MP Range: One-Handed Sword:2m Two-Handed Sword:3m Restriction One-Handed Sword Two-Handed Sword: Description Strongly hit the target in rapid motion. Toram Online is ©Asobimo, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Toram Online Clans Looking to recruit members for your clan? Toram Online Clans. This skill has a 20% higher chance to cause Guard Break when using Bow. Toram Tools. Emblem & 30-Days Ticket EXP Bonus List Daily Emblems) Play 30 mins - 10% Play 60 mins - 10% Kill 30 monster within 30 levels - 10% Kill 60 monster within 20 levels - 10% Equipment Able to preview character’s avatar and battle mode, equip items, edit crystals, equip avatar.

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