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The PUZZLE CRACKSMAN will be awarded for solving 10 puzzles without skipping. The item in the inventory tray will let you know how many pieces are needed to complete it. Change Players (D) in the lower left corner of the main menu. Start by moving the green balls toward the top and shifting the blue ones toward the left. Take the OXYGEN TANK (5) after the puzzle has been solved. Zoom into the toolbox in the lower right; place the OILER (D) on the key and turn the key to trigger a Hidden Object Scene. Exits: A. But ay dios mio, this game is really involved. Zoom into the suitcase; place the SALAMANDER RING (O), CADEUCEUS RING (P), and the EMERALD RING (Q) on the locks to trigger a puzzle. The ACCESS CARD (V) will be added to inventory after the puzzle has been solved. The HAMMER (Q) will be added to inventory after your search. Open the glove compartment and place the CASSETTE in the TAPE RECORDER (3). The CLUE HUNTER will be given for playing 4 Hidden Object Scenes without using a Hint. VALVE 1/2 (H) will be added to inventory. Place the NEWSPAPER SCRAPS on the table to trigger a puzzle. Connect all the faces, using the arrows for positioning. Click on 2 bulbs to swap their positions. The VOID is the most immersive virtual reality destination…ever. Using the images on the sheet, click on the keys in the correct order. About This Game When a person’s soul is extinguished, for a brief flickering moment it passes The Void—a grey limbo, breathed back to life by scarce droplets of Color scattered across it. Zoom into the green sign; take the JOURNAL PAGE (B). Play the Hidden Object Scene to obtain the MIRROR SPLINTER (N). Classes today were torture. Move the blue hearts to the top and the red hearts to the bottom. Zoom into the hole in the lower right and place the DOGGY inside to trigger a Hidden Object Scene (P). Take the DOG FOOD (N) and the POCKET KNIFE (O) after the puzzle has been solved. Place the EYEGLASSES on the patio door, making the laser beams visible (2). ... void club main management game Game 16,237 Views (Adults Only) The Void Club ch.8 - World of Warcraft by Thevoidclub. Run your mouse over the bottom of the screen to access your inventory (1). The CROSSBOW WITH CHAIN (F) will be added to inventory. Zoom into the door; place the RIVET in the slot to activate the puzzle. Zoom into the first aid kit in the lower left; take the OILER (B). From left to right, set the dials at -6, +3, -11, and +7. Place the LEATHER JACKET on the broken window and go through it. Including walkthroughs, discussions and game links for browser games and downloadable computer games. Click on Mr. Toad (C) above the suitcase, enabling the in-game hint feature. Click, in the following order, arrows R, U, R, and D. The CASSETTE (2) will be added to inventory. Click on the letters, highlighted in green in the screenshot, to spell out SURPRISE. And it’s all this addicting game’s fault! Place the FUSE on the panel to trigger a puzzle. The SCISSORS (S) will be added to inventory. Zoom into the hatch (2) by the left tree. Zoom into the right side of the wall; place the DYNAMITE next to the towels (H). It was a cool detective-style game that had me hooked from the moment I walked into that eerie hotel in Mystery Trackers: The Void. Zoom into the center of the soda machine. E. One-way teleporter to level 5. One-way teleporter to level 3. Zoom into the bag; take the EYEGLASSES (I) and the POSTCARD (J). Once you solve that puzzle, another appears. Click the books in the order shown in the screenshot (L). Go through the right door and then through the left door. READ the manual FIRST, and get acquainted with the game’s principles and mechanics. Zoom into the back door; place the PICTURE on the wall to trigger a puzzle. Game Guide. If Torien Kel is with you, he'll ask for his sword back, but nothing will happen if you don't give it to him. the void club main game 0.3 Game 15,282 Views (Adults Only) Mine Blocks by Zanzlanz. Project VOID game has a lot of levels with more difficulties and challenges but if you need any help with any level then you are on the right page. Use the GARDEN PRUNER on the roses on the right tree to trigger a Hidden Object Scene. Please look at the screenshot for all possible solutions (P). Place the EXTINGUISHER on the 3 flames to trigger a Hidden Object scene. It's one of the best weapons in the game. Look into the telescope (10) to see the monster and add a section to your Journal. The Achievements (E) can be accessed from the main menu. Focused on hidden object, escape-the-room, puzzle, point-and-click, arcade and adventure games. The voodoo doll corresponds to the needle; the Heart belongs with the arrow; the Mouse with the Cheese, etc. Place the 2 VALVES on the hatch to activate a puzzle. Open the elevator door; place the RUBBER BOOTS in the water and go out the door. But I couldn’t help myself. Zoom into the hoister (5) and place the CHAIN LINK to repair it. Place the EXTINGUISHER on the 5 FLAMES in the scene. This game contains mature themes, strong language, and strong sexual content. Walkthrough You start this quest on the Unreliable while reading records from the terminal located in the captain's room. Dial (+0975382) and click CALL to phone the police. Click on the computer monitor (Q) after the puzzle has been solved for the holographic image to appear. So I suggest that you swap him out for a warrior and hang on to your mage and rogue. Place the TORCH on the chains and enter the train (P). Free Mobile App for you. Zoom into the statue on the right; take the COMPASS (G) to add it to the Journal. Zoom into the drawer (R) in the lower left corner; place the HANDLE on the drawer to trigger a Hidden Object Scene. Zoom into the car’s hood; place the HOOD ORNAMENT (8) on the hood and take the LEVER (9). Play the Hidden Object Scene to obtain the SALAMANDER RING (N). Using the image in your Journal (J), slide the marine animals up or down until they match the image shown in the screenshot. Death Stranding walkthrough and guide. Majestic, the Famous Illusionist. Take the SCROLL (P) after you obtain 3-of-a-Kind. Majestic will be given once you find Mr. Click on the arrows to move the ball into the hole. You will enter the car after solving the puzzle. You’ve earned THE LOST MAN DISCOVERED! +-----+ +---- WALKTHROUGH [3.00] -----+ +-----+ One of the biggest challenges in writing a walkthrough for The Void is in how different each playthrough will be. The ID CARD 3/4 (Q) will be added to inventory. The Void is a journey of constant learning and discovery. Best Dark Void Cheats for Xbox 360 – G4tv – ‎ Read all 57 lastest cheats and walkthroughs on Dark Void … Play the Hidden Object Scene by the bed to obtain the NEWSPAPER SCRAPS marked in green (I). Open the mailbox with the MAILBOX KEY; take the STARRY SKY CIRCLE (U) and the JOURNAL PAGE (V). Click lockers 401, 408, and 412 to solve the puzzle. The PICTURE (G) will be added to inventory. Zoom into the right window (F). Take the LEATHER JACKET (A) in the lower right. Place the clock hands on both clocks until all the numbers are glowing. Zoom into the trunk; open it with the TRUNK KEY to trigger a Hidden Object Scene. StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is the third major release in the epic StarCraft II trilogy saga. From left to right the solution is 40-120-60-80-100. for iPhone and iPad. ; Here is where you'll encounter the Dwarven Paragon, Branka. Take the JOURNAL PAGE (1) under the door. The TIN CAN (G) will be added to inventory after your search. D. One-way teleporter to level 4. I can’t believe I stayed up that long just to play a game with no blood or bombs. Zoom into the chair; take the SCHEME (H). Place the pieces according to the screenshot. Once you’ve obtained 3 Keys, you can try to obtain 3-of-a-Kind through the same means. Updated frequently. Once you understand them (takes 4-5 cycles), start with a New game! Go inside the house and through the door above the steps to access the bedroom. This must be done for every spin. Place the TIN CAN WITH FUEL on the torch; take the TORCH (K). Click on the planets Venus (1), Mars (2), Saturn (3), Neptune (4), Earth (5), Mercury (6), Jupiter (7), and Uranus (8) to arrange them correctly. Zoom into the chest in the lower left; open it with the RING and take the KEY FOB (6). To solve the puzzle click, in the following order, keys A, D, B, C, and E. Grab the NAILS in the cabinet after the puzzle has been solved. Then you'll get to see the ending cinematic and find out what happened to the various people and places you visited during the game. Place the heads and torsos on the appropriate stands using the titles on the base for guides. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 walkthrough and guide. Kevin Sting Achievement! Zoom into the cabinet again; take the FIGURE (4). Trainers, cheats, walkthrough, solutions, hints for PC games, consoles and smartphones. We’ll be locked inside the Anvil of the Void until we finish everything up. The FLAMETHROWER (C) will be added to inventory after your search. The Foundry. Click on 2 related items to eliminate them both from the board. Turn the dials so all the numbers above show the number 10. Click on the blue book; place the GOLDEN MASK in the empty slot to trigger a puzzle. Zoom into the doors on the side of the train. Zoom into the blue barrel; place the TIN CAN below the barrel to fill it with oil and take the TIN CAN WITH FUEL (H). Click the lever to confirm your selection. Achievement. The TWEEZERS (G) will be added to inventory after your search. You have a certain amount of clicks to solve the puzzle. Fill the right 4 segments of the fuel tank by clicking valves B, C, E, D, A, D, E, D, A, and D. Zoom into the safe in the lower left; open it and take the CAR KEY (4) and the JOURNAL PAGE (5). One-way teleporter to level 2. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide for how to complete Mystery Trackers: The Void. Place the TAPE RECORDER on the scene to create the VOICE RECORDING. Mystery Trackers: The Void Walkthrough includes more than 30 videos of detailed solutions to puzzles, over 200 screenshots, locations for all hidden objects, and step-by-step instructions on how to beat the game. Give the DOG FOOD to the dog (P) to trigger a Hidden Object Scene. Zoom into the upper left side of the wall; click on it 3 times and take the EVOLUTION POSTCARD to add it to the Journal (2). Game Tactics 1. Solving the puzzle triggers a Hidden Object Scene. Place the ROPE LADDER on the hook; click on the rope ladder to go down (S). Please look at the screenshot for the solution and only click on the buttons marked in red (T). Zoom into the holographic console in the lower left. Take the JACKHAMMER (E) by the fireplace. Take the SAFE KEY (O) after you obtain 3 Keys. Play the Hidden Object Scene to obtain the BOOK (F). If you fail to complete it in time, a new pattern will appear. Zoom into the dashboard; take the BATTERY (A). Zoom into the panel on the right; take the JOURNAL PAGE (N) containing instructions for the diesel pump. Only click on the buttons marked in red in the screenshot and then click on the START BUTTON to activate the needle and solve the puzzle. SC II: Legacy of the Void Guide. Welcome to the Mystery Trackers: The Void walkthrough on Gamezebo. Go into the Illusionist’s room at the end of the hallway. The Color is the only resource in the game: it acts as the health, inventory, skills and perks system, armory. You have to get 3 Keys going across the bars on top by pulling the handle. Strike the right window 3 times with the ICE AXE. Zoom into the chair; place the MIRROR on the seat (5). Play the Hidden Object Scene to obtain the MAGNET (1). Look into the back door to add an entry into your Journal. ... Game Guides & Walkthroughs. Take the FIREMAN BADGE (3) after the puzzle has been solved. Place the 12, 7, and 22 weights on the right scale (Z). Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. The Kiln. However, at one point he stumbles upon a small town called Krazengoph while following the call of Void, that place turns out to be a real test to the hunter's abilites since Void has already wormed its way into the citizens' souls and poisons them, effect similar to post-mortem poison. The game … The Void is a journey of constant learning and discovery. Place the MONEY in the right slot to activate the puzzle. Duplicate the image shown on the scheme by placing the blocks in the correct order. Zoom into the bird in the upper left; take the JOURNAL PAGE (E). Use the slot in the upper left to move a piece out of the way, allowing the others to slide around it.

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