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So you’ve been tasked with throwing your offices’ next big par-tay. Surprise celebrity: Surprise your employees by bringing … read more When considering ways to celebrate International Women’s Day at work, it’s important to team up, brainstorm and get the creative energy flowing. And why not name some days like ‘Texans at office’ day. Have a Diwali quiz in office where four teams compete on trivia related to the festival. Thanksgiving Celebration ideas theme for church and thanksgiving party ideas for school is the most important things for adults as well as kids. TIP: If you can’t celebrate the ‘First Day of Winter’–when you’re into January–have and annual ‘Let’s Celebrate Winter Day’! A great day to celebrate on September 12 is, "Chocolate Milkshake Day". 6th March 2013 From India, Mumbai You can celebrate Father's Day and Family History Day in June. List of Important days in June 2020 is provided to create knowledge about the events and festivals whether International or National. Independence Day celebrated every year on August 15 th is like a common festival that all the people from India, irrespective of religion, caste, language or what God they believe in can and must celebrate.. It’s the day that we got the freedom to be what we are – Proud Indians. While Labor Day has unofficially become a marker for the end of the summer and the start to fall, it was established as a federal holiday in 1894 in order to recognize and celebrate … Please advise what can I do in this situation. Happy Yorkshire Day! Between the confetti and cake, office birthday parties offer employees a brief respite from their day-to-day, not to mention an opportunity to appreciate peers. This is how we celebrate women’s day in office. By TimeAdmin February 8, 2017 February 25th, 2020 No Comments. Yes, it's come around quicker than a repeat of 'Last Of The Summer Wine' on Gold. During the month of December, people behave in a more friendly way with colleagues. Office Fun. By: Katherine Muniz Aug 30, 2017 10 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day at the Workplace. Here's a list of offbeat holidays to consider as you plan your 2018 employee engagement strategy. Here are 15 office birthday ideas to inspire you to celebrate employee birthdays. The Game Ideas for Indian Independence Day Celebration in Office should be so up to the mark that they ensure employment engagement upto 100%. Alice E.M. Underwood. THIS list, however, is meant to give you ideas for theme days. Each year the Ministry of Sport, Youth and Child Development announces the theme for Youth Day. Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Office. Another one of the fun ways to celebrate Boss’s Day is by have a simple party in the office and get everyone to bring in a … I need your suggestions as to how can I celebrate Women's Day in an open office and we are only 13-14 ladies and there is not much space in the office for a big celebration. In fact, businesses may see benefits by doing so. Theme days-for school, work, a party or any other event-allow attendees to dress differently or show their creative side without coming across as "too different" or defiant. International Women’s Day is held on March 8th every year. In my role as Experience Manager here at RG, I worked with the others on my team to determine ways to celebrate in our offices around the globe. The kids will love it! On bosses day, then post the link to your intranet or company chat – she will love the thought that went into it, and will no doubt look back fondly at this video in the time to come. The 2020 theme for International Women’s Day is #EachForEqual which focuses on how each one of us can be a participant in the march towards equality. This is a particularly awesome theme idea if you have a multicultural office. Halloween Day: Celebrate the culture by dressing up on a Halloween Day, Wear Green on a St. Patrick’s day. Diwali office bay decoration themes now-days are in trend throughout the course of Diwali and everyone wants his/her bay to look more attractive than their next sitting co-workers. Fashion Themes Many […] In 2009, when 38% of companies reported that they would not hold office holiday parties,15% of companies said they never hold office holiday parties, and 23% said that they were not holding an office party that year. Choose a theme that works for your situation and allows others to be silly or veer from the norm for a much-needed break. Encourage people to dress in national or traditional costume, or to think about how their ancestors celebrated Christmas. Apr 12, 2013 - Explore's board "Theme Days at the Office" on Pinterest. Whether it’s Employee Appreciation Day, a Halloween spooktacular, or the annual holiday bash, throwing the perfect office party is a lot of pressure.. Not only do you have to provide something for everyone, but fun social event ideas need to be new and different. Independence Day Celebration In Office 2019 – We have all given the Quiz for Independence Day sometime or other in life but it is always good to brainstorm sometime and bring a change in the monotony. You could even roll out a red carpet and create a step-and-repeat for the occasion. You can choose questions about the history of the festival, its significance in different religions and even about how different parts of India celebrate the festival. ... Maybe you incorporate subtle references into your day at the office or change your speech habits. It is well said by someone that “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”. To celebrate this day, we usually attend cultural performances or send each other roses, ... Let’s add the right ingredients and spice up the flavour of this day. Gift them something small. For some, it’s a holiday worthy of acknowledging while others prefer to ignore it. Download our fun, work-appropriate Valentine's Day sentiments and sneak them into your co-workers' office spaces for a little secret V-Day fun. Move through Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, New Year's and even the Chinese New Year. Summer months are usually relaxing, so it makes sense to celebrate: Drawing or Pencil Day; Camera Day; More focus on the family this month is during National Family Week. Why not celebrate all of the holidays with a new focus every day or week. This is a US holiday, but no matter where you live, your residents will enjoy it. Valentine’s Day is a holiday typically associated with love, romance, flowers and choclates. December 1: Rosa Parks Day, World AIDS Day, Eat a Red Apple Day, National Pie Day, Giving Tuesday* (Tuesday after Thanksgiving) December 2: Special Education Day, National Mutt Day December 3: Make a Gift Day, National Roof Over Your Head Day, Let's Hug Day, National Apple Pie Day December 4: Santa's List Day, National Cookie Day, Wildlife Conservation Day Thanks to little-known holidays or theme days, you can easily discover things to celebrate throughout the year with your team. Potluck party. Have employees … read more. Brainstorm with your kids about the words and images that come to mind when they think of winter. December Daily Holidays and Observances . Theme Days Chocolate Milkshake Day 3046 39 Give them a note that says it all! Why not celebrate these differences with your own Christmas Round the World party theme! They hit hard and work a lot by decorating their respective bays in most trending styles. 11 ways to Celebrate Diwali at Office ... Everyone carries a gift to office for someone else. Each international day offers many actors the opportunity to organize activities related to the theme of the day. June is also National Audio Book … The Christmas spirit infects everything and it's clear that in the business world, there is no exception. Thanksgiving Day Celebration is the most popular festival that celebrates by United States people by holding party theme and programs at home, office, company and school as well as church. It’s a day when we celebrate the amazing social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women - while also campaigning for greater progress towards gender equality. Just because the winter holidays and parties are coming to a close doesn’t mean that you have to give up the celebrations with your coworkers. Celebrate employees as they enter the office on the day of the announcement. The day is observed to celebrate the youths in society and their contribution to development. See more ideas about theme days, theme, the office. Still, some employers want to celebrate the holidays in a way that does not include a traditional office holiday party. I have written three different lists of themes to be used for themes weeks. Maybe you throw a #StarWarsDay into a tweet or Instagram post. It is a great occasion to get to know your staff and their families. These 12 office party themes are so great that your office colleagues will bust out of their cubicle walls to attend. Display signs outside the office celebrating the win and ask your top leaders to greet and thank employees at the door. It recognises that the youths are the future leaders and must be treated as such. 24 Fun Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day. A Corporate family day in office can be the perfect way to show your employees that you care. 7 Fun Days to Celebrate in the Office. 1. Spare a place at your desk’s corner and make a theme- based Rangoli. Office gatherings like parties and group outings can drastically improve morale, which, in turn, increases office … "We cannot all succeed, when half of us are held back." Celebrating employee birthdays never gets old. Make sure your coworkers feel the love this Valentine’s Day by sending an ePraise to recognize all of their hard work and dedication. - … Diwali Party Games for Office Diwali Quiz Diwali Quiz. If you plan on hosting a family day soon enough here are some tips to remember: Plan Well in advance 100 Summer Camp Themes 100 More Summer Camp Themes Those themes are meant to encompass all of camp, from crafts to special events, games to meals.

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